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Optimize Prices of Brands vs. private Label through Shopper Insights

How Consumer Goods manufacturers compete against other manufacturers' brands but also against the private labels of the retailers. 

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Building RGM Teams for the Future.

Revenue Growth Management is evolving with new strategies, tools, and focus areas. Build the RGM teams to match.

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The Art of Price Increases.

Will consumers accept yet another price increase in 2024? In this webinar, we discussed when companies should increase their prices and how to measure success.

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Promotional Pricing: The Next Generation

In this webinar we discussed how market insights can help optimize promotional prices, promotional frequency, or even focus on non-price aspects of promotion.

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Shrinkflation: Strategy, Tactic, or Fools Errand?

In this webinar we discussed the methods to predict success or failure from consumer goods manufacturers shrinking pack sizes.

Webinar - Price Optimization in Inflationary Times

Price Optimization in Inflationary Times

In this webinar we look at the inflationary pressures that many companies are currently experiencing, from consumer goods over electronics, services and many more.

Webinar - Using Modern Analytics to Find Consumers that are Willing to Pay More

Using Modern Analytics to Find Consumers that are Willing to Pay More

This Webinar will present the ways in which analytics can help you determine which consumers are willing to pay more for your products/ services and how to adjust your prices accordingly. 

Webinar - How to Increase Prices Using Willingness to Pay Insights

How to Increase Prices Using Willingness-to-Pay Insights

In this webinar learn how to properly implement price increases and customers willingness-to-pay to deliver tremendous profits to prevent angry customers.

Webinar - Direct-to-Consumer Growth_ Building Value Through Market Insights

Building Value Through Market Insights 

This webinar explores how to use consumer analytics to understand value perception and willingness-to-pay in the growing channel of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)

Webinar - Should We Increase Prices for Next Year

Should we Increase Prices Next Year?

This Webinar presents ways in which to analyze what countries, channels, brands, products, or consumer segments will be more likely to accept a price increase

Webinar - Using Advanced Analytics to Predict Consumer Response to Promotional Mechanisms

Using Advanced Analytics to Predict Consumer Response

Learn ways in which analytics can help you determine what promotional mechanism will elicit a positive response and what promotional mechanisms will yield smaller or even detrimental results.  

Webinar - Segmentation and Market Research - Superior Price Setting Through Insights and Market Simulations

Segmentation and Market Research

Learn the different methods for simulating market outcomes from pricing changes and why segmentation delivers superior results.

Webinar - Optimizing Prices Globally

Optimize Prices Globally

This webinar discusses advantages and disadvantages of different pricing strategies, including global pricing, local pricing and local pricing with global coordination.

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