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Webinar - Should We Increase Prices for Next Year

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So your company increased prices this year as a response to inflation, and now management is considering taking another price increase. But some members of the team argue  that it will be hurtful to sales. Or that competition is not increasing prices (or so they have heard). So what to do? To increase, or not to increase, that is the question.

This Webinar presents ways in which to analyze what countries, channels, brands, products, or consumer segments will be more likely to accept a price increase, and where you will face fierce resistance. We will look at how to collect market facts rather than using guesswork in planning your next price increase.  

In this PriceBeam webinar you will learn about.

  • Collecting and analyzing information about consumer willingness-to-pay
  • How to use modern analytical tools to segment the consumers along willingness-to-pay
  • Using analysis to map out price increase opportunities vs areas where price increases will cause difficulties
  • Possible actions to take to apply de-facto price increases without necessarily upsetting "the market"
  • Running war-game simulations about how the competition's actions will impact your ability to raise prices.

This webinar is ideal for Revenue Growth Management, Marketing, Finance and General Management. Its tools and recommendations are equally applicable across a multitude of industries.

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