Webinar - Price Optimization Tactics for Startups and Scaleups

What should the price be for your main product or service? Are customers willing to pay more than they pay today, or are new customer segments willing to pay more than existing customers? What should the price be when launching into new markets?

As a Startup or Scaleup CEO there is often thousand of things to work on, and pricing either gets overlooked or prices are set too low to be on the safe side. However, research shows that Startups and Scaleups can improve their prices between 30% and 100% without losing any significant number of customers, by applying scientific and systematic price optimization techniques. In other words make a lot more profit for themselves and for their investors.

In this webinar, Finn Hansen, Co-Founder of PriceBeam, will walk you through different methods and techniques for how to approach pricing and show cases from how startup/scaleup companies managed to increase their prices significantly. PriceBeam is helping companies of all sizes and across industries with the improvement and optimization of their prices. 

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