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Webinar: How to Use Data to Optimize Prices for Your E-Business

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This webinar will help E-Businesses explore how they can build an optimal price optimization system - even if you're selling 1000s of products. 

In this webinar, PriceBeam co-founder Finn Helmo Hansen will explain how e-businesses can use customer insights to set optimal prices, despite selling 1000s of products. 

Finn will discuss a variety of strategies for using pricing research to optimize prices for both seperate products and product bundles. In particular, he will teach you how price-banding can enable you to assess willingness-to-pay, and group products with similar price dynamics.

By the end of the webinar, there will be time for Q&A, where Finn will address the most pressing issues for you and your colleagues.

When to clear your schedule
31 May 2017

07h00 PDT
10h00 EDT
15h00 BST
16h00 CET