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Webinar: How Publishing Companies Can Use Research-based Price Optimization


This webinar will help pricing managers at publishing companies explore how they can optimize their pricing with data, and become an industry champion.

In this webinar, PriceBeam co-founder Finn Helmo Hansen will address the pricing challenges and pitfalls that many pricing managers deal with in the publishing industry. 

In that context, Finn will discuss how you can take a more data-centric, research-based approach to price optimization, and thus optimize prices and avoid falling victim to the prominent discounting-trend in the industry. 

By the end of the webinar, there will be time for Q&A, where Finn will address the most pressing issues for you and your colleagues.

When to clear your schedule
3 May, 2017

07h00 PDT
10h00 EDT
15h00 BST
16h00 CET