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Take the Guesswork out of Pricing

Are your prices too low? or too high? How much are your customers really willing to pay? What features or benefits would they pay more for? 88% of all prices are decided on gut feeling, guesswork, a repeat of last year's prices and other unscientific methods. The result: either too high prices that lead to loss of sale and market share or too low prices, leaving money on the table.

With PriceBeam's cloud-based solution you can get scientific and precise insights into what the price should be. 

PriceBeam brings value to:

  • Optimizing existing prices vs competition
  • Setting prices for new products
  • Setting prices in new markets
  • Understanding and fine-tuning value communication: what features customers value and what they are not willing to pay for.
  • Brand health
  • Assortment optimization and SKU rationalization

PriceBeam is available in 109 countries.

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"PriceBeam is a factor of 4 faster than traditional market research and costs a fifth of our old suppliers. We are excited to use the PriceBeam tool for price insights. - Global Consumer Insights Manager - Global Top 20 CPG Company